Tortu (2024) Movie Heats Up Queer Cinema With A Refreshing Love Story

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The vibrant world of new queer cinema continues to thrive and evolve in 2024. This year has seen the release of several compelling LGBTQ+ themed films, one of which is the romance, Tortu (2024) movie.

This delightful movie follows the blossoming relationship between Adam and Lucas, whose paths unexpectedly cross in the picturesque French countryside, thanks to Brexit. From the instant chemistry in “Before Sunrise” and the swoony passion of “Call Me By Your Name,” this movie mashes both films together to cook up a totally fresh, love story that hits different.

What is Tortu (2024)?

Meet Adam, a man whose life takes a dramatic turn when he finds himself jobless, homeless, and forced to move in with his Great Uncle in France. As he navigates this tumultuous period, he has an unexpected encounter that changes the course of his life – meeting his soulmate.

Christopher Clarke - Director of Tortu

Christopher Clarke – The Director of ‘Tortu’

Who created Tortu (2024)?

Christopher Clarke has built an impressive legacy as a versatile actor, starring in numerous films over his 40yr career in the entertainment industry. However, his talents extend far beyond acting, as he also is a seasoned producer through his two production companies, Iodin Films and Iodin Music.

Clarke’s latest projects showcase his multifaceted prowess, with the recent release of the critically acclaimed romantic drama “Tortu” in 2024, and his starring role in the upcoming film “Pickled Henry.”


How Can I Watch Tortu (2024)?

Tortu is distributed by Burning Bulb Publishing, an internet-based publishing house venturing into the film world. You can watch Tortu right now on Reveel, a free streaming platform for fresh new stories. Just click on the movie poster below to experience a romance in the French countryside.

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