20 Best Movies for Pride Month

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Pride month is a vibrant time of celebration, reflection, and community unity. The LGBTQ+ community has enriched our world with boundless contributions, and as a gesture of appreciation, we have curated a list of Reveel movies that embrace love in its diverse forms. Our selection of the best movies for Pride month is a carefully crafted lineup that honors the beautiful, poignant, and bold narratives coming from the queer community. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dig in and experience these incredible stories.

20. A Fork in the Road

Meet Lisa, the adopted daughter of two gay parents who has some life-altering news to share over dinner. However, this quiet dinner soon transforms into an emotional journey that changes the course of their lives forever.

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19. Perfect Mate

Ready for a roller coaster journey through dating? This film celebrates the ups and downs of a lesbian couple who attempt to navigate their relationship with sexual adventures. It emphasizes that life rarely goes as planned, and that’s perfectly alright.

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18. Is It Just Me?

Brains vs brawn. A competitive love triangle. A mix of wit and romance. This film is an engaging story of a young gay man’s sexual frustration and his titanic clash with his hunky roommate over a love interest he meets online.

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17. Girl/Girl Scene 1984

Bridget, Evan, Trista, Dov, and party-animal Ryan traverse through the complexities of life in the 1980s.  The narrative seamlessly blends the sparkle of the past with the timeless human emotions of love and camaraderie.

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16. Love is a Map

Love is stumbling in the dark until you find your way in this film. Or better yet, it’s blazing a new trail altogether. The film navigates the complicated relationship between college lovers, Annie and Mary, who fail to understand their feelings until it’s too late. However, years later, a mountain getaway offers them a second chance to explore the road not taken and to give their love a map of its own.

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15. Insignificant

Take a journey to the 90s with Insignificant. The film follows Wes, a teen who’s attempting to navigate his life after changing schools and facing the task of confronting both new and old friendships. At the surface, it may seem like a typical teenage life but a closer look reveals heartfelt struggles and unexpressed secrets trying to surface.

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14. What It Was

Exploring the themes of love, identity, and self-discovery, What It Was is an intimate portrayal of a woman grappling with her past as she journeys toward self-acceptance. The film delves deep into her evolution as she confronts her sexual history, reconciles with her present identity, and ultimately, admits to her true love.

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13. Landlocked

A man is on a journey to scatter his late mother’s ashes off the Georgia coast, reconciling with his estranged transgender parent along the way. This film is a heartwarming cue to the power of love and family across conventional norms.

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12. Triple Threat

This poignant film tells the story of three best friends on the cusp of their Broadway debut. Their relationship is put through the ringer when their individual dreams collide with the stark realities of adulthood. The film teaches us that the pursuit of dreams sometimes means facing tough decisions.

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11. Maybe Someday

The maze of life can often lead us onto an unexpected path. For this protagonist, her course adjustment comes after a divorce from her wife as she embarks on a cross-country trip. However, her travels take a detour when she forms an unexpected friendship with a witty gay comedian.

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10. Identity

Caught in the intersection of personal beliefs, faith, and social pressures, the protagonist is a high school senior grappling with a viral reveal of his sexual orientation. It is a story about the quest for our own true self.

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9. Last Ferry

A departure from the typical romance, Last Ferry follows the harrowing experience of a young gay lawyer visiting Fire Island to explore his sexuality. However, things take a dark turn when he witnesses a murder after being drugged.

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8. Frisky Business

This anthology of short films leaps ranges from a fretful young drag queen navigating mid-’90s Chile to a subversive American summer camp. Witness love triumph in different time periods, places, and personalities.

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7. Convulsion

A unique addition to this list of best movies for Pride month. This film follows a man who discovers his vulnerability to fatal seizures. The fear of uncertainty leads him to seek alternative therapy, only to face heart-wrenching consequences.

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6. Dress Code

Born into a life of organized crime, Bobby Russo learns that the most perilous secrets are the ones that reside within us. Dress Code engages with the complex dynamics of identity, selfhood, and truth, leading to startling revelations and poignant moments.

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5. Falling

Falling narrates the passionate journey of two women who traverse the complicated path of love only to find themselves drifting apart. This exploration about the feminine experience of love and heartbreak is captivating.

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4. Still Waiting in the Wings

Strikingly choreographed, this movie pays tribute to the spirit of performers and their beautiful grind. Their triumphs, trials, heartaches, and joy are portrayed with a dash of humor. It’s a reminder that fame isn’t the only measure of talent. Sometimes it’s the passion that truly counts.

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3. Waiting in the Wings: The Musical

Two young men, Tony and Anthony, try to make it big, but their paths cross unexpectedly when a casting agency gets turned around. Tony, the New York stripper, is cast as a musical dancer, while Anthony, a musical performer, is given a revealing job.

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2. Tortu

Tortu takes you through the emotional life of Adam Allard. After losing everything, Adam moves to France where he falls for Lucas, a local farmer. Their love becomes turbulent when its threatened by long-distance separation.

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1. And Then We Danced

Nothing quite captures the spirit of Pride as the dance film, “And Then We Danced”. The film tells the story of a dedicated dancer who is annoyed when a new male dancer enters the scene. An intense rivalry ensues along with a surprising romantic desire.

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