Staff Movie Picks: 7 Slice of Life Movies

There’s something so inherently comforting about slice-of-life films. They whisk us away from the grandiose spectacles and intense plot twists of high-octane cinema, settling us into the warm embrace of the everyday—the sweet, the bitter, and the poignant moments that echo our own experiences. Here are 7 light-hearted journey-through-life flicks that promise to touch your heart and in their simplicity, reveal the layered complexities of being human.

7. Yellow Bird

This film is a deep and poignant dive into the everyday life of a once successful P.R. specialist. Now managing a local grocery store known as “The Yellow Bird”, he grapples with a loveless marriage, an unhappy stepdaughter, and his own sobriety on a daily basis. Yet it manages to maintain a light-hearted feel with its captivating sprinkle of humor.

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6. A Song For Us

An old songwriter becomes an unintended guardian angel in A Song For Us. The British folk singer shares a narrative that pivots between her passion for music, the poignancy of the past, and the urgency to help her once lover who’s now grappling with life on the streets. Be prepared to embark on a journey filled with powerful emotions, underscored by the warble of a guitar and the tinkle of old melodies.

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5. Let Me Be Frank

The simplicity and subtlety of slice-of-life narratives meet the rhythmic beats of rap and echoes of unfulfilled dreams in “Let Me Be Frank”. This heartwarming film wrestles with the nuances of character polarity, expertly pairing a young rapper who moved to Los Angeles chasing stardom with his disenchanted apartment manager.

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4. Maybe Someday

Long after separating from her wife, our protagonist Jay attempts to start a new life elsewhere. Unsurprisingly, she stumbles on the journey to detachment, veering off route to confront past connections and establish new ones. Maybe Someday beautifully captures the little pitfalls and pauses, a poignant reminder that moving on isn’t a linear process, but a winding adventure filled with unexpected friendships, reminisced love, and a heavy dose of humor courtesy of a snarky gay comedian pal.

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3. Big Break

Mourning his past, a heartbroken college senior named Austin Caldwell navigates his life, with eyes fixed on the ‘Big Break’ song competition. Convinced that winning is his path to moving on, we watch as Austin pours his soul into a melody and confronts his sorrow through music, reminding us all that art often rises from deeply personal experiences.

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2. Tamale Season

Tamale Season is a heartfelt and delightful slice-of-life movie that captures the essence of family, tradition, competition, and the struggle for survival in our fast-paced modern society. In this colorful tapestry of flavors, family ties, and friendly rivalry, we follow the trials of a family-owned tamale shop, once a bustling local cornerstone, that is now fighting for its existence against a health food tamale shop set up by a restaurant tycoon.

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1. The Good Hearts Club

The Good Hearts Club weaves a spirited tale of camaraderie, determination, and the “underdog” spirit. This endearing film brings to life a group of lovable misfits who rally to save their beloved mom-and-pop escape room from an impending corporate takeover. It’s a heartwarming reminder of the indomitable spirit of community and the transformative power of friendship.

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